About AI Innovation House

AI Innovation House will become a state-of-art AI centre, bringing knowledge of digitalisation and artificial intelligence to eye level so it can be translated into practical solutions and boost growth for Danish companies.

AI Innovation House offers unique exhibition, labs and demonstration facilities covering 5,200 m2 with space for approx. 200 knowledge workers. As an international digitalisation state-of-art AI centre, we expect over 5,000 visitors and international delegations annually for conferences, workshops, lectures and innovation projects, etc. The house has many exciting demonstration facilities:

  • Collaboration Labs, Blue Box Co-Creation Lab, Smart U Lab, 3D conference centre and several innovation studios (see facilitates).
  • The facility can be utilised for joint innovation projects, dissemination and exhibitions, product presentations, export promotion, skills development, etc. We can also support manufacturing processes from product development through to consumer feedback and decision-making on (trial) production – Human First.
  • A great physical setup for startup companies and SMEs seeking to work with digitalisation and artificial intelligence, etc.

AI Innovation House builds on a solid foundation in terms of ideas and business economy. The investors behind the project are Bagger-Sørensen Invest A/S, CASA and Insero.

Triple Helix collaboration

AI Innovation House builds on the Triple Helix model, which means companies, authorities and research and educational institutions collaborate and share knowledge to nurture the best conditions for growth and job creation. The goal is to translate specialised knowledge into new, sustainable concepts, business models, systems and products.


We support enterprises in developing a strong business through active matchmaking that can bring together companies, knowledge institutions, authorities, networks, students, smart money and investors. We engage with national and international subject-specific innovation networks within digitalisation and artificial intelligence. Our in-house matchmaking organisation specifically helps SMEs with innovation, growth and job creation, including the following:

  • Triple Helix networks within digitalisation and artificial intelligence
  • Human First activities
  • Access to a data directory
  • Growth and digitisation programmes
  • Innovation environments
  • A strong ecosystem
  • Innovation and commercialisation activities
  • Interdisciplinary projects
  • Funding through hands-on Microfonden that offers capital and mentoring networks
  • IT networks, including IT forums with over 600 members
  • Knowledge collaborates with e.g. Digital Hub Denmark, Digital Valley, SDU, UCL, IBM, it- Forum and others.
  • Visibility to customers, suppliers and employees through active marketing, conferences, workshops and projects.
  • Free usage of selected AI software. Agreements are being established. With these special agreements, we will ensure easy access to AI technology, which can help promote ideas and innovation for the tenants and partners of the house.

Partners and tenants of the house

The house consists of small and medium-sized businesses that focus on digitalisation and artificial intelligence. In addition, we have a number of national and international partners. See which companies are part of the house here.

Advisory Board

An Advisory Board of partners and core tenants has been established. They maintain a finger on the pulse and keep an eye on future developments. They can contribute with new ideas for projects, activities and new technology – so that AI Innovation House will remain a state-of-art AI centre of digitalisation and artificial intelligence. The Advisory Board consists of the Confederation of Danish Industry, Digital Hub Denmark, IBM, PEDAB, SAS Institute, Datapult, 2021.AI, MB-Solutions, SDU, UCL, Vejle Municipality, and it-forum and others.

“We believe that collaboration and knowledge-sharing are the way forward if Danish companies are to compete in the international competition and exploit the opportunities for artificial intelligence. Therefore, we are proud to support AI Innovation House,” says Christian Hannibal, Digitisation Policy Manager at the Confederation of Danish Industry, who is a member of the house Advisory Board.

Ecosystems in DANDY Business Park

AI Innovation House is the seventh house in the DANDY Business Park, which consists of several ecosystems that each with their own specific focal point strive to make the future a better place. Today, there are three ecosystems: Green Tech Center, which focuses on green technology, Food Innovation House, which focuses on foodstuffs, and AI Innovation House. DANDY Business Park offers the right framework for innovation environments, growth programmes, development and demonstration facilities as well as involvement in various projects and networks.

We primarily work within the following 5 of the UN’s 17 Global Goals: