AI Innovation House is packed with innovative amenities that tenants and partners of the house can make use of.

Collaboration Labs

Here, you have access to the bright and atmospheric meeting rooms of the future with sound system, summary service, 3D effects, AR, VR and more. Collaboration Labs are especially suitable for international e-meetings, so you can save time and CO2. The lab rooms can accommodate 2-8 people each.

Blue Box Co-Creation Lab

Blue Box can be used when making presentations of large projects, e.g. buildings or machines. The lab facilitates pre-tests and the development of new products and system collaborations between multiple suppliers as well as teaching and gaming. In addition, there is access to a supercomputer, data, VR, AR, etc. Blue Box can accommodate 20 people.

Smart U Lab

In the classroom of the future, you can conduct and receive tuition either on or off location, or both. Materials, questions and answers are recorded and stored automatically. The room is suitable for companies, public institutions and educational institutions and accommodates 20 people, who work at their own machines.

3D Conference Center

This venue can accommodate 149 persons and can be divided into 2-4 individual rooms. The venue offers 3D 360-degree projection suitable for conferences, meetings, events, teaching, product launch, gaming, etc. Here, you can create advanced presentations, video and PTT.

Andre faciliteter:

  • Play Room: Et lille rum for husets beboere med mulighed for afslapning og mindfulness eller gaming
  • Innovation Studios (projektlokaler): Bring egen data og problemstilling – og arbejd videre med det i et projektlokale 
  • Human First: Test ny teknologi og beta-versioner af på almindelige mennesker inden færdigudvikling/lancering
  • Datakatalog: Adgang til datakatalog og livedata samt supercomputer. Ikke et konkret lokale – men med mulighed for at tilgå/tilkoble
  • AIH Digital Assistent: En Digital Assistent, der ved alt om AIH, kan fortælle om aktiviteter, hjælpe med at finde rundt i huset, booke møder, fortælle om husets fremdrift via app og nettet.
  • Fri adgang til brug af udvalgt AI software. Aftaler er ved at blive etableret. Med disse specialaftaler sikrer vi en nem adgang til AI teknologi, som kan være med til at fremme ideer og innovation for husets lejere og partnere.