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The house offers a number of innovative facilities and organises exciting events, lectures and exhibitions in addition to offering in-job training and education in digitalisation and artificial intelligence.

The house bases its approach on the Triple Helix model, which means that companies, authorities and research and educational institutions work together and share knowledge to nurture the best conditions for growth and job creation. The goal is to turn specialised knowledge into new, sustainable concepts, business models, systems and products.

Become part of the house


We are open to partnerships for use of the facilities and access to the activities and projects of the house. Read more about the options here.

You can also opt to locate your business here. As a tenant, you will be given a modern office adapted to your business needs and will also enjoy the opportunity to access the many facilities of the house as well as partake in its activities and projects and become part of a larger network. Read more about the options here.

AI Innovation House offers a setup where startups, university spinoffs, sole proprietorship businesses and entrepreneurs can become part of a strong ecosystem. Read more about the options here.

Would you like to become part of our house?

Contact Michaela Andersen to hear more about your options.



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