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We offer the chance of joining Denmark’s new state-of-art AI centre

AI Innovation House accommodates around 200 knowledge workers within IT, digitalisation and artificial intelligence. The focus is on digital solutions that facilitate the everyday life of house residents and their business partners. They can meet in the canteen over lunch and everyone enjoys the opportunity to use the many unique facilities of the house where there is room for all kinds of activities, from workaday meetings to large events. The focus is on networking and matchmaking. Experiences from abroad show that physical cohesion can be conducive to creating a dynamic community where people meet up not only because they have a calendar invitation, but because personal encounters becomes a natural part of everyday life.

To support optimal synergy, AI Innovation House is open to a wide range of startups, small and medium-sized businesses, knowledge institutions and public authorities. The architecture and the philosophy behind the project reflect openness and knowledge-sharing since we believe this is the path to growth for all.

We have chosen AI Innovation House because we can see that it is a place where sparring, synergy and inspiration flow to the benefit of everyone, just as we have access to the fantastic facilities. AI Innovation House is an innovation playground and an ambitious beacon in digitization and artificial intelligence. Here we get close to the latest technology in a strong culture, where the companies and the house’s many tenants, business partners and guests share knowledge and play each other well. The result is greater competitiveness and intelligent solutions with a technological edge‘, says Ronni Hastrup Madsen, CEO Uptime Development.

Office space:

Everything is currently rented out, but you are very welcome to join our waiting list. Just send an email to Michaela Andersen. If you are an entrepreneur, read about the opportunities in the entrepreneurial area Tech StartUp here


  • Access to specialised facilities, such as Blue Box Co Creation Lab, Collaboration Labs, SMART U Lab, 3D Conference Centre, project rooms, etc. See ‘Facilities’ for further description.
  • Meeting rooms of different sizes and types.
  • Access to exhibitions, supercomputers, databases and test labs, etc.
  • Opportunity to partake in after-work events, conferences, etc.
  • Network meetings, workshops and project participation
  • Opportunity for easy access to new partners
  • Business development service
  • Investor and mentor networks


DANDY Business Park offers a strong ecosystem with access to over 170 companies, nearly 1,000 employees and over 15,000 visiting customers each year from around the world. The business park is an all-inclusive business centre with:

  • Staffed reception
  • Canteen catering
  • Meeting catering and large conference facilities
  • Over 1 million qualified employees within approx. 1 hour’s drive
  • Good accessibility from the motorway E45 as well as by rail, bus and bicycle from Vejle
  • Good parking facilities for cars, electric cars, bicycles, electric bicycles, etc.
  • Free parking
  • Fitness / massage offerings for employee wellbeing
  • Recreational areas for walking and running as well as meetings in nature
  • Other services: cleaning services, security systems, caretaker service, postal service, technical services, CarCare, hairdresser, cranio sacral and reflexology, fisherman. etc.

Read more about our facilities here



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