14 May 2020

We are happy to welcome Danfoss as a partner and Advisory Board member in AI Innovation House.

AI Innovation House builds on the Triple Helix model, which means companies, authorities and research and educational institutions collaborate and share knowledge to nurture the best conditions for growth and job creation. The goal is to translate specialized knowledge into new, sustainable concepts, business models, systems and products. You will therefore meet a great mix of partners and tennants – from startup’s to well established companies.

We are therefore happy to welcome Danfoss as one of the well-known and worldwide active partners.

“With our strong presence in this area of Denmark, we highly estimate a business network like AI Innovation House, part of the DANDY Business Park. Artificial Intelligence is key in our connected products, such as radiator thermostatic valves and electronic controls. For workshops and front-end innovation projects, the inspirational architecture of the facility is just perfect and adds value to our customers, end-users, and colleagues.

AI Innovation House is a lighthouse ready to host and develop new solutions and services of tomorrow. To bring new ideas to life, this is a perfect place,” said Tom Toft Kragh, Senior Director R&D Residential Heating, Danfoss.