18 June 2020


Clever money to create growth for entrepreneurs throughout Denmark

Five family businesses and 20 hands-on investors are joining in a new micro fund

In Denmark, we do not have enough entrepreneurs who create growth and thus more jobs. The reason is that there is a lack of venture capital and strong commercial skills that can help entrepreneurs and set ambitious goals for them. Unfortunately, the Corona crisis has not reduced the need for venture capital.

The challenge has led five family businesses to join 20 hands-on investors on a brand new type of investment fund. What is special about the Hands-on Micro Fund is that it offers clever money to sustainable growth companies within Green Tech, Food and AI / digitization.

With the clever money, the Hands-on Micro fund is at the forefront with financial investments combined with systematic sparring from professional Hands-on investors. While the five family businesses raise venture capital, it is the Hands-on’s primary job to join the board meetings of the growth companies. They guarantee professional and professional sparring. The hands-on investors are absolutely crucial to the investment in the Hands-on Micro Fund. These are businesspeople with strong commercial skills in the three industries chosen. People who have many years of commercial experience within growth companies, management and board work, says Jørgen Andersen, CEO in the Hands-on Micro Fund.

Insights from three ecosystems

The new micro fund benefits from insights and skills from three strong ecosystems within Green Tech, Food and AI / digitization. Ecosystems that are characterized by a Triple Helix collaboration, ie where universities, authorities and private companies collaborate and where strong knowledge in business development, networking and pitch training is shared.

Growth for entrepreneurs throughout Denmark

It is crucial to the Hands-on Micro Fund, which is based in DANDY Business Park in Vejle, to emphasize that sustainable growth companies within Green Tech, Food and AI/digitization from all over Denmark can apply.

You can apply for between DKK ½ – 3 million per company and the fund expect to invest over DKK 50 million.

– Everyone who seeks funds will receive sparring from Hands-on investors in a professional and systematic way – before, during and after the investment – says Jørgen Andersen, who encourages interested growth companies to find more information on the Hands-on Micro Fund’s website and also to contact the secretariat. Finally, Jørgen Andersen emphasizes that the Hands-on Micro Fund would very much like to cooperate with other investors, private and public, who are interested in investing in sustainable growth companies in Denmark.

For more information, visit the website www.hands-on-mikrofonden.dk or contact the CEO, Jørgen Andersen on 40 53 53 37 or ja@hands-on-mikrofonden.dk