18 June 2020

Pedab is partnering with AI Innovation House

When we welcome Pedab into AI Innovation House, it’s an experienced player we get to bring on board. With over 25 years of experience and presence in eight countries, it is a partnership that we look forward to and that will add value to all the partners and tenants of the house.

Pedab translates business ideas into intelligent IT solutions and digitizes businesses and makes them smarter. This is done in close cooperation with a large ecosystem of technology suppliers and delivery partners, several of whom also become part of AI Innovation House.

“The ambitious and creative foundation on which AI Innovation House is based was decisive for Pedab’s decision to enter into a partnership.The Triple Helix model ensures diversity and, together with the dynamic leadership, AI Innovation House is the optimal platform for us.

At Pedab, we also believe that IT is an important and sustainable part of the green agenda. Therefore, it is an advantage that the house is located in DANDY Business Park, where there are a number of innovative companies focusing on food, circular economy, green tech and resilience. We can hardly wait until the house is ready for us to move in”, says Carsten Brock, who is Pedab’s daily contact at AI Innovation House.