18 June 2020

Virtual topping out ceremony – is that possible?

When we build a house in DANDY Business Park, it is always important to us to hold a festive topping out ceremony – partly to give all the tenants of the house the opportunity to walk around and feel the house’s atmosphere – and partly to thank all craftsmen for the good work. But this year Covid-19 came and ruined all our plans. Therefore, the guests instead logged into Microsoft Teams to participate in a virtual topping out ceremony. Jørgen Andersen, CEO of DANDY Business Park, Ulla Bagger-Sørensen, COO of AI Innovation House and Mayor Jens-Ejner Christensen were on the virtual rostrum. Prior to the event, everyone had received delicious beverages and snacks from SMAGdansk in Vissingsgade in Vejle – and an online toast was given to all participants in the canteens, meeting rooms, offices and on the construction site to mark the topping out ceremony. We expect to meet on the site to hold the real topping out ceremony on September 23. We expect AI Innovation House to open on March 1, 2021. Thank you to everyone who participated in the handheld and somewhat different event. If you are curious to see how the construction is progressing, you can get a tour here. We apologize for the speak being in danish.


PS. You find the long tour – 14 minuttes – on YouTube: Link