Tech StartUp

Tech StartUp in AI Innovation House is an entrepreneurial area where startups, spinoffs from universities, sole proprietorships and entrepreneurs can become part of a strong ecosystem.

Tech StartUp offers an attractive entrepreneurial environment with the opportunity to rent:

  • a flex space (DKK 1,200 per month)
  • a fixed desk space (DKK 2,200 per month)
  • a smaller office with 2-4 workstations (DKK 3,150 – 6,450 per month)
  • deposit is one month’s rent

    As a tenant, you get the opportunity to run and develop your start-up business in a professional setting together with other entrepreneurs.

    You get access to:

  • Exhibition in showroom with relevant digital solutions
  • Participation in the house’s activities, go-home meetings, etc.
  • Canteen arrangement
  • Staffed reception
  • Exhibition of company name and brochures in foyer
  • The meeting rooms of the house
  • Investor and mentor network through the Hands-on Mikrofonden
  • Sparring on your business plan
  • Matchmaking


As something extraordinary, entrepreneurs and smaller companies, associated with the house, have access to the use of selected AI software, AI networks and training. It is a unique offer, which currently does not exist elsewhere in Denmark. Special agreements have been made with the SAS Institute and an Ambassador agreement with IBM, which ensures easy access to AI technology, which can help promote ideas and innovation for the house’s tenants and partners.

At the same time you will be part of DANDY Business Park’s ecosystem with more than 200 companies, where courses, network meetings, workshops, innovation festivals, etc. occurs on an ongoing basis.

Tech StartUp is part of StartUp Vejle, which helps entrepreneurs before, during and after starting a business. Are you curious about other offers for entrepreneurs in Vejle Municipality? You can get an overview of our many offers here.




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