Vision, mission and DNA

We are an ambitious house reaching out to the future. Our vision, mission and DNA guide our curiosity about the technologies of the future.


AI Innovation House is a neutral innovation playground for anyone working with and interested in digitalisation and artificial intelligence. A house where people, businesses, knowledge institutions, networks, authorities and students meet to develop themselves professionally and businesswise. We offer an easy, single-point entry to knowledge and competences in the commercial use of artificial intelligence and digitalisation.

We seek to create a digital growth environment that bridges people and artificial intelligence.


With AI Innovation House, we seek to bring AI knowledge, visions and tools to eye level so that opportunities can be identified, analysed and translated into new concepts and sustainable products for the benefit of innovation, growth and job creation in Denmark.


Human First, Genius Hub and Live Labs are core to the DNA of the house. These are supported by activities where the common denominators are dissemination, innovation and in-job training.

Human First

At AI Innovation House, people always come first. Through tests, demonstrations, information and education, we seek to counter the alienation of artificial intelligence. We bring the technology to eye level so that it can be translated into concrete and usable solutions. We are aware of the ethical challenges that artificial intelligence also carries. That is why we create spaces for dialogue that focus on the use of artificial intelligence and digitalisation, technologies that aim to help us live longer and better lives and make life easier.

Genius Hub

Genius Hub offers a new framework for how we help each other share knowledge and information. The goal is to ensure that the right skills are honed – now and in the future. We see in-job training and education in artificial intelligence and digitalisation as something essential if we are to meet the demands of the future. In collaboration with our tenants and partners, we therefore offer relevant courses and seminars in support of this process.

Live Labs

AI Innovation House is a neutral innovation playground that offers the best setup for businesses looking to work with AI and digitalisation. We offer Live Lab demonstration facilities that allow you to see, touch, hear and collaborate on solutions that highlight how you can apply AI and digitalisation in your business.